Ermelo - The Netherlands 12th of August 2017
National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo, The Netherlands

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Welsh Breeders of the Netherlands

Are very pleased to invite Welsh friends from all over world to the 19th edition of the International Welsh Pony & Cob Show, which will be held at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo, The Netherlands on Saturday the 12th of August 2017.

At the International Show 2015 in Denmark it seemed like to be the last International Show course there was no society available to host the 2017 edition. Some Dutch breeders offered to organise this huge event in the Netherlands. They formed the foundation: Dutch Welsh Pony Promotion

Rules had to be changed to make this possible. Thanks to the members of the WPCS Council who were even more enthusiastic then our committee. We would like to invite you to enter your ponies and cobs for the International Welsh Pony Show 2017.

In November 2015, the workgroup started the first show preparations and they are looking forward to offer you a warm welcome in the summer of 2017.

Of course, we hope to receive lots of entries for all the classes in the schedule below!

on this website you will find all necessary details on the show. In case you would still need additional information, please contact our show secretary.



Organised by: 

The International Welsh Pony and Cob Promotion Foundation

President: Henk Bleker   Vice President: Andries van Daalen
Secretary: Mascha Reijs   Finances: Johan Coes
Showgrounds: Henk Beudel   International contacts,
PR & Sponsoring: Harold Zoet